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Magna Ram 97
NT5 Workstation
Dr. Solomans Anti-Virus
Word Perfect 8.0
Windows 98 Final
Adobe Illustrator 7.0
Right click on numbers and select "Save Link As..."
Web Edit Pro
MS Front Page 98 FINAL
Right click on numbers and select "Save Link As..."
Xing Player 3.0p
HomeSite 2.0
HomeSite 3.0


ZipMagic 98 (retail)
WS_FTP pro 5.0 (retail)
Audiograbber 1.2 (full version)
TweakDUN 2.10.114 (registered copy)
Site 1:
Site 2:
Dogz II (S/N: 2114-0298-9869)
Right click on numbers and select "Save Link As..."
CleanSweep 4.0 Deluxe
.mp3 Produser (professional)
(name/sn inside archive)
Sisoft Sandra PRO (Version
  CoffeeCup registered software
HTML Editor++ 98 ver 5.0
StyleSheet Maker++ ver 2.6
Site: 1
Site: 2
Image Mapper++
Ulead Button.Applet 1.0 Full Version
 Check-It NetOptimizer
S/N: MH-119640
VivoActive PowerPlayer 2.11
Ultimate Button Bar Complete
Adobe Photoshop 5.0 (release) S/N: PWW400R7106337-339
mirror 2 (max 10 users)
NetMedic Pro 1.2 s/n SCMC-00001047
Paint Shop Pro 5.0 full release (retail)
Real Player Plus 5.0 S/N 0233-18-0663
RealPlayer PLUS G2 PR V6.0.0.360
FreeSpace 1.0 (retail)
Scitech Display Doctor 6.0a retail (build 287)
Name: FOSI programz
S/N: 27813-A8CA24C4-22742
Ulead GIF Animator 2.0 Full Version with FX Plugins
Ulead Web.Plugins (full version)
Best e-mail bomber (all necessary files included)
System Commander 4.0 Deluxe S/N: YC950084-ARAE
COWON Jet-Audio 3.12 (retail)
Nuts&Bolts 1.03 (full&retail)
New full Ulead Plugins for Photoshop for FREE!
Xing MPEG Encoder&Player 2.10c (retail)
Deformer 1.0 (Retail)
S/N: 2021:45309
NetBar 3.0.1 (registered)
(Internet Dialer&Scheduler&etc)
Cowon Jet-MIDI 1.1 (Retail)
(WaveTable Emulator)
Image plasticity (deform)
Plug-in for Photoshop
S/N: 3597:51273
AntiViral Toolkit Pro (retail)
PowerDesk Utilities 98 (retail)
Ulead SmartSaver 3.0 Full
Visual Applet Configurator with
Applet FX (commercial edition) 1.1
s/n: 113844718-2
Page Charmer 1.5
Web Effects-Java Collection
~40 Java Applets
(Key and Key Source included)